The Sentinel Group identifies risks and threats considering organization’s goals and operational processes. Our consultants design and build strategies to control risks, transform programs for effective execution and better response.

Manage your risks and increase you internal controls policies with our Risk Management Team!

Evaluation, Planning & Monitoring

Every business and individuals are subject to possible losses from unmanaged risks. An effective risk management should reduce the chance that a particular event will take place and, if it does take place, effective risk management should reduce its impact and also protects business or individuals wealth.

We help organizations on:

  • Governance and Programme Development.
  • Security Consulting and Planning.
  • Facility and Location Threat Assessments.
  • Worksite & Insider Threat Management.
  • Security & Executive Protection.
  • Occupational anti-fraud policy implementation & programme development.
  • Business Risk Assessment & Security assistance during employee termination process.
  • Due Diligence and Dark Web Due Diligence.
  • Personal and Corporate pre transactional assessments (Due Diligence and Risk Assessment).
  • Assets identification (Inheritances and divorce process).
  • Business Continuity Plan.
  • Enterprise Resilience.

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